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Competitive Teams (Year round- intakes Dec to Feb)

Dance, jump, stunt, toss and win with South Australia’s most successful, competitive club. Whether in beginner teams for young athletes, beginner teams for older athletes all the way through to elite teams for all ages, we place each of our young athletes in competitive teams that match their age and skill level. Supported by experienced coaches, your child will learn spectacular routines, form friendships, and compete – nationally and internationally – in the exhilarating world of cheerleading. All competitive team placements also include a level specific tumbling class each week. 

Come and Try Recreational Classes and Courses(Starts June) 

Get started later in the season and experience the thrills of cheerleading without the costs of competitions and uniforms! Generally beginning around June and running through to late November, these allow athletes to explore Australia’s fastest-growing sport at their own pace. They’ll practice jumps, tumble, tosses, stunts and more, improving their fitness, self-confidence, and most importantly – having fun! This is a great option as a lead in to then joining a competitive team when they’re ready to take their next steps with our sport.


A little like gymnastics, our tumbling classes are designed to improve your child’s technical ability, strength, and general fitness. They’re also great fun! Our athletes practice and improve rolls, cartwheels, handstands, tucks (and more!) – fundamental skills in cheerleading. While these classes are included for competitive team members, they’re also a great standalone or compliment to recreational classes. Ages 5+.

Juniors Classes

Adelaide All Star Juniors has been carefully designed to be an exciting and interactive program in which parents and their young children and babies can have fun, learn and socialise in the comfort of a welcoming, safe and professional environment. For ages 5 months to 5 years, a perfect lead in to a lifetime of learning, development and competitive sport with us.

See our Juniors page for more details!

Other Activities

We also offer a wide range of extra classes, events and activities – including clinics, one-on-one classes, and more. Detailed information about extra classes is provided to all members. Visit our other services page to learn more about our other offerings.

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