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Founded in 2009, you wouldn’t have recognised the All-Stars back in the day. Armed with a dream, a tiny 40sqm part time gym space and not much else, we were ready to take on the world. We’re now the largest, most competitive program in South Australia and one of the larger programs in the country!

While we’ve changed dramatically over the years, there are few things that haven’t. United by an obsession with cheerleading and a dream to empower young girls, founders Jess and Rachel combined their skills – marketing and teaching – to create a competitive club that puts the fun of cheerleading first.

“We wanted to create a supportive environment where our young athletes could learn, socialise and, most importantly, have a great time as they progress in (what we feel!) is one of the greatest sports in the world.”

As a competitive gym, we love winning. But winning will never get in the way of our vision; to teach, inspire and improve the lives of as many athletes as we can. That means – with the Adelaide All-Stars – your child is as safe and supported as possible.

We’re also constantly looking to improve and reach for the stars – it’s even in the name! Be that our facilities, training, or how we communicate with you, that mentality is part of our lifeblood. So if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Meet the Coaches


Owner of the Adelaide All Stars and South Australia's top cheerleading coach. For over 9 years, Jess has successfully coached teams and groups to numerous National Championship titles around Australia. With over 50 state titles won, Jess knows how to train her teams to perform fabulously- no matter their level. Jess' approach to coaching is highly focused and driven, but she always has time for a laugh and fun at training. You'll almost certainly get some extra brownie points from Jess for bringing a puppy in to visit!


Kayla brings more than 15 years of cheerleading, coaching and tumbling experience to us from the USA- the birthplace of competitive cheerleading. Kayla has fallen in love with Adelaide and we're excited to bring her friendly coaching expertise on board for 2017. In addition to her background of coaching cheerleading levels 1 through 5, she has also coached high level gymnastics and was a camp instructor for the NCA (National Cheerleading Association of America).


Full time office manager and your first port of call for member enquiries and assistance throughout the season. Always happy to answer any questions you might have and will make sure things work as smoothly as possible for you! You might also catch Jamie out in the gym as he's also a credentialed cheer and tumble coach.

Other Staff

In addition to our 3 full time staff, we also have 3 permanent part time coaches and office assistants and more than a dozen casual coaching staff.

Our Mission and Values

Adelaide All Star Cheerleading exists to serve our athletes and their families by providing safe and exceptional quality instruction, education and entertainment opportunities in in positive, caring and professional environment.

Our purpose is to support each person in reaching their potential, with respect to their own goals. We strive to be positive role-models and to bring out the best in each individual within the realms of physical, mental, emotional and social development. We want all of our members to develop new skills, friendships and confidence that will be with them for a lifetime. We believe in treating all members and their families professionally and with respect at all times.

Our vision is to deliver a safe, fun and progression driven program for all of our athletes and continue to build on all of our programs with ongoing innovation and investment. We will never compromise the wellbeing of our athletes and will continue to adapt to professionally deliver an exceptionally high standard of coaching, training and communication for all of our members and their families.

The Space

We love our training facilities, and we know your child will, too. Our gym is fully-equipped to support our young athletes as they improve in the world of cheerleading. Our Nailsworth HQ is the largest of its kind in SA and has multiple cheerleading floors and a leading range of exceptional tumbling equipment. We also offer have a parent lounge, athlete area, kitchenette, bathrooms and our very own pro-shop where you can purchase anything you might need for a cheerleading season! With the help of our friendly coaches, your child will excel in a safe, supportive environment.

Our Nailsworth facility has South Australia’s largest 9-run sprung floor. This has been a fabulous addition in the training of each of our teams. Highly supportive and springy, our 9-run floor is equivalent to the floors our athletes will be using during competitions. As one of the few SA clubs with a full size competition floor, this gives us a unique advantage – in both training and competing.

What Do The Parents Think?

“The weekend again showed me what a great club Adelaide All Stars is. The girls were so supportive and encouraging of each other and showed respect for those around them. All things this Mumma loves to see and hear.” – K. Z.

“Thank you so much for your help and support this year. We have been immensely impressed with the quality and professionalism. You are really doing a fantastic job, great to see our teams at states, so successful and professional.” – M.V.

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