July Holiday Tumble Clinics

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Our July Holiday Tumble Clinics are always a favourite for our athletes and are guaranteed to sell fast - so be sure to book in quick as spots are limited!!

L1 Fundamentals is a class designed for athletes wanting to perfect their basic tumbling strength and skills. The class will focus predominately on handstands, cartwheels, rolls and bridges.

Our Walkover class is planned for athletes who are confident in handstands and bridges and are working toward advancing their walkovers and elite L1 tumbling skills. Round-offs and basic L2 strength will also be included in this class as a stepping stone for the Back Handspring Basics clinic! 

For athletes who are ready to learn everything Back Handsprings - this is the perfect class for you! Being a fundamental tumbling skill, this clinic is perfect even for those who already have their back handspring confidently. The class will break down the very complex skill and allow our athletes to focus on mastering the basic principles of a BHS. 

Our Advanced Back Handspring class is for athletes who are ready to tackle elite L2 tumbling passes and develop power and strength ready for those upcoming tucks and layouts! Again, this clinic will be great for advanced athletes who want to re-visit their BHS as we all know how important it is! 

Are you ready to learn how to tuck - forwards and backwards? Everything Tucks is just that, a clinic for our athletes who are learning or perfecting their tuck shaping, strength and skills. Standing and running tucks will be of focus in this class. 

Let's learn how to perfect that layout - a crucial skill before we move onto twisting! Elite tumbling strength and drills will be included in this class with a focus on standing and running layouts. 

It's time to twist! If you are ready to learn how to twist, or, mastering that full you already have, this clinic will allow our advanced athletes to upgrade!!


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